Predictive & Preventive Maintenance


Some healthcare facilities do not have the in-house personnel to provide manufacturer recommended preventative maintenance services for medical gas and vacuum systems.  FSMT provides these services to ensure safe and proper operation of medical gas systems is clearly included in a facility’s routine inspections.  Our preventative maintenance activities are carefully documented and fully explained to facility staff.


Preventative maintenance includes lubrication programs, cleaning, proactive replacements, routine inspections and adjustments.  FSMT engineers apply these techniques to allow time based potential problems to be corrected before they occur resulting in improved equipment performance.


A major benefit of a comprehensive preventative maintenance is a reduction of energy consumption to its lowest possible level.  Well-serviced equipment requires less energy to operate because all bearings, mechanical drives, and shaft alignments receive timely attention.  Proper adjustment of shut off switches and lead/lag settings reduce energy drains.  Leak prevention reduces compressor and pump run times.  Using these techniques reduces kilowatt hour consumption and can reduce energy use between 5 to 35%.


Examples of FSMT preventative maintenance techniques include:


    Lubrication service

    Control switch adjustments at pumps and motors

    Filter changes

    Alarm probe replacement (i.e., Dew point/CO)

    Source system alarm function testing






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